Shar Spiritual Introvert Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Shar.

I help introvert entrepreneurs create a silence-filled lifestyle and a profitable low maintenance online business.

Spirituality and Business Coach

My super powers are creating clarity, eliminating overwhelm and bringing to the surface hidden money making opportunities.

In life I believe in self-love first. In business focus, planning and creating passive income are key.

Think of me as your personal empowerment coach, your spiritual mentor, your soul accountability partner, your creative co-thinker and your personal cheerleader.

You are not alone.

Namasté ♥

How may I help you?

Shakti Accountability Coaching

My 1-on-1 coaching program focusing on providing you Strategy, Accountability and Spirituality

Sharmila Spiritualiteit en Business coach Amsterdam

Hey introvert soul,

Feel free to roam.
Email me for your Free 20 min Skype Call.
Check out my blog and my new coaching service
Shakti Accountability Coaching for Introvert Entrepreneurs,
while I work hard to bring you more free and paid services
to support you to get to that life of quiet bliss.
In the meantime I want you to know this:

You are not alone

You don't have to be an extrovert to be successful

I am here to support you ♥


Feeling vs Being Happy

Why not feeling happy is OK (for a day) Do you know that feeling when you log into your social media account and you’re being bombarded with all those 'Be Happy, Be Positive, Be Grateful' quotes on your timeline and you’re just so not in the mood for all of that today? I feel you! [...]

The Story of the Starving Soul

Whenever I find myself in “the starving soul” situation I think of my nana (Hindi for maternal grandfather) and this life lesson he left his daughter and her children. When my nana died at the age of 82 I was ten years old. I remember him as a tall, big and strong Indian man. Wearing [...]

Rice and the bonds of generations

My mum has been ill for the last few days. I’ve been staying with her to make sure she at least gets enough fluids to sustain her. Today she finally felt well enough to eat. No more weak broths, but spicy rice. As there is no way she’s going to sit on the couch and [...]

What if today you would love yourself more?

What if today you would love yourself more? What would you do? What would you give yourself? Would you spend more time by yourself? With your loved ones? Would you give yourself that present you always wanted, but thought you couldn’t spend the money on? Would you forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself? [...]

Shar Spiritual Introvert Entrepreneur

Inspire ♥ Empower ♥ Embrace

Inspiring your heart ♥ Empowering your spirit ♥ Embracing your soul

Spirituality and Business Coach