Free Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse

Free Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse

(Turn overwhelmed into overjoyed!)

Experience how 'inclusive' planning can free you from your daily accountability struggle!

Join in and feel the magic happen!

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You are not alone

I’m here to help!


14 Day Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse


(incl. Worksheet, Planner and Mantra page)

After the Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse you will know:

  • How to set up your day for success 
  • How to increase your productivity
  • How to include your business in your life and not arrange your life around your business
  • How to make it easy and fun to stay accountable to yourself
  • How to achieve your goals daily
  • How to be laser focused during your day
  • How to deal with that monster called procrastination
  • How to stay energized and motivated through the day
Spirituality and Mindset
  • How to practice Self-love, Self-Care and Self-Compassion daily
  • How to feel pride and satisfaction at the end of your day 
  • How to create a mindset change towards life and its challenges
  • To celebrate your successes daily
  • How to open up of your heart and mind to life again

The Free Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse consists of:

♥ 14 Lovingly Kick A*s emails

    + 1 Bonus Celebration email

  • Day 1: Time to make the magic happen
  • Day 2: I love this!
  • Day 3: This the way forward
  • Day 4: This is what keeps me sane!
  • Day 5: This is your goal
  • Day 6: Kick this to the curb!
  • Day 7: You are right where you need to be
  • Day 8: This is how you save money
  • Day 9: What if this is true?
  • Day 10: You lose if you do this!
  • Day 11: Of all things know this
  • Day 12: Remember this
  • Day 13: This will change everything!
  • Day 14: Do you have these?
  • + Bonus Celebration Day 15: Let’s celebrate with 1 Free Gift and 2 bonuses!


♥ A worksheet to start your day with the purest intention
♥ A planner to take control of your day
♥ A mantra page for your own personal mantra, scripture or affirmation
♥ More than 15 sharp accountability tips

Free Accountability Ecourse

How does the Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse work?

  • The worksheet, planner and mantra page are for daily use
  • The emails on the even days contain baby accountability action steps and golden accountability tips
  • The emails on the uneven days contain an inspirational quote to keep you motivated and a baby accountability action step which is optional (in case you’re too tired or you have to catch up with the previous day)

You are not alone!

I'm here to help

Join in and feel the magic flow back into your life


14 Day Kick A*s Accountability Ecourse


(incl. Worksheet, Planner and Mantra page)

Shar Spirituality Accountability Business Coach


Hi, my name is Shar.

I sprinkle a little Strategy, Accountability and Spirituality fairy dust on tired and overwhelmed introvert entrepreneurs, so that they can fly again ;-).

Namasté (we are one)


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